Q: Where do you get your content?

A: Our content comes from some of Canada’s best and brightest producers. The platform includes content from coast to coast and is sourced based on ties to the curriculum.

Q: Are your videos closed captioned?

A: All of the content will be closed captioned with the exception of the delay in getting new content captioned and up on the platform.

Q: Will the videos play on PC and Mac?

A: The player has been selected to play content on both Mac and PC platforms.

Q: Will the platform work on a mobile device?

A: While the platform has not been fully optimized for mobile devices it will work well on tablets and larger phones.

Q: How do I contact someone regarding a problem with a video or the platform?

A: We will respond quickly to any questions that you send to us regarding issues with the platform. Please contact support and send us a Help ticket using our system.

Q: I have found additional curriculum fit for some content in the platform. Who do I contact to get this reflected in the platform?

A: We welcome any information that you have regarding curriculum correlations that we may have missed. Please email support@mcintyre.ca with the relevant information.

Q: How can I find the titles in a series?

A: The series is listed at the end of the title, so type the series name into the keyword search box and select the title tab to see all the titles in a series.